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Lessons from Behind Locked Doors

Larry Sauter
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Lessons from Behind Locked Doors


John 20:19-20 19 The disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews


*Lesson: Peace and joy come from the Lord



John 20:24-29 25 “Unless I see the nail marks in His hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.”


*Lesson: Stop doubting and believe



Acts 12:1-19 So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.


*Lesson: God’s timing is perfect



Acts 16:10-40 23 After they had been severely flogged, they were thrown into prison, and the jailer was commanded to guard them carefully.


*Lesson: Miracles often follow suffering